Agenda and brief minutes for meeting on 1 June 2018

The Agenda was below but we ended up discussing some major themes for our cluster. Three major themes identified are: 
  • Blockchain for IoT: energy and food and other applications?
  • Smart things and infrastructure: smart things, robotic things, etc smart cities, smart agriculture, etc
  • Data analytics for IoT: various applications, from health to others 

Mohamed will try to coordinate a Samsung grant proposal. 

Original agenda:

1. Your proposal for Guest speakers?
(update: Dr. Joseph Liu from Monash will talk about blockchain in July)

2. Forming research subgroups on topics you want to learn/develop - what do we want to be good at in IoT in the next 1-3 years?
This could also relate to the DVCRs call for ideas (see attached word doc from DVCR as sent by Yong, I have also hosted it on

3. Workshops/Hackathon hosted at Deakin with industry persons? E.g., “IoT for Health”, “IoT for Food” etc… which topic?

4. Survey/review paper writing groups: you can lead/organize one?!
I have started one on “Applications of Blockchain to IoT” (with Frank, Qingyi, Amani – anyone interested to join? Next meeting on Monday 3pm in my room)
There are many emerging topics…. other proposed emerging areas to review:
- “IoT + Fog/Edge Computing in Space”: how IoT will be used in the emerging space industry and connecting to earth IoT
- “IoT for Food in the Smart City”: how IoT will revolutionize the ways with food in the smart city (from yesterday’s slide on food @ Deakin :-)
- “Aging in the Smart City”: how IoT could make living for the aged much better in the smart city
- etc… (you might have more of your own ideas?)
Other topics/areas could be here:
We might also propose special issues as guest editors with a journal on a topic we want to learn about…

5. Grant applications: from a month ago, any developments in writing proposals for Samsung (due 12 June I think) and Huawei (datelines vary)?
And for Vichealth ARC Linkage partnerships?
Shall we form subgroups to work on them?

6. Rolando last meeting suggested hints on writing/targeting proposals for different schemes: we might discuss how to develop that

7. Morshed and some others attending – perhaps they can give us a run-down of what happened in our next 15 June meeting(?)


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