Agenda and brief notes from 15 June DIoT cluster meeting

We started by going over the capabilities matrix and talking about some current projects.

Then, Chandan talked about the iot festival.


1. Morshed, Chandan, Mohamed, and Lei + others who attended – perhaps you could give us a run-down of what happened? Any highlights/updates from the IoT world out there

Further funding opportunities:
a. Alibaba research funding sources now accepting proposals: USD50K-100K for a one-year project, dateline 1st of July, multiple proposals from the same institution can be funded, there is an IoT edge computing topic mentioned - click on Research Area tab and then IoT, and download the description from:
(there are also topics in ML)
(maybe we could all write a proposal each? J Or try to write/lead a proposal if you have an idea (e.g., it could be an extension of your own paper or someone else’s work etc) and invite/organize people on board that fits the area of your proposal – this scheme is new to me too, but I am happy to help and need not be on the proposal unless you want me to be :-)

b. Facebook Open Research Awards: some datelines in Sept
(specific topics, not quite IoT but could be of interest to some in analytics)

c. Google Awards: (dateline Sept 30) – really competitive


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