Joseph visited the DIoT cluster on 20th July 2018!

Joseph Liu, has established the Monash Blockchain Research Lab. I invited Joseph from Monash who has done a lot of work in Blockchain.
He gave a talk

Title: Privacy-Preserving Techniques to Blockchain: The Ring Signature Approach
Abstract: Ring signature is a kind of anonymous signature. Verifier only knows that the signer is a user within a group, yet does not know the identity of this signer. In this talk, we will cover the basics of ring signature and linkable ring signature, including the concept, applications, technical constructions and variants. We will further relate linkable ring signature to cryptocurrencies and discuss how it can provide privacy to users in Blockchain. We will also discuss some interesting future works in this area.
Biography: Joseph Liu is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. He got his PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong at 2004. Prior to joining Monash at 2015, he has worked as a research scientist at Institu…

Agenda and brief notes from 15 June DIoT cluster meeting

We started by going over the capabilities matrix and talking about some current projects.

Then, Chandan talked about the iot festival.

1. Morshed, Chandan, Mohamed, and Lei + others who attended – perhaps you could give us a run-down of what happened? Any highlights/updates from the IoT world out there

Further funding opportunities: a. Alibaba research funding sources now accepting proposals: USD50K-100K for a one-year project, dateline 1st of July, multiple proposals from the same institution can be funded, there is an IoT edge computing topic mentioned - click on Research Area tab and then IoT, and download the description from: (past projects here: ) (there are also topics in ML) (maybe we could all write a proposal each? J Or try to write/lead a proposal if you have an idea (e.g., it could be an extension of your own paper or someone else’s work etc) and invite/orga…

Agenda and brief minutes for meeting on 1 June 2018

The Agenda was below but we ended up discussing some major themes for our cluster. Three major themes identified are: 
Blockchain for IoT: energy and food and other applications?Smart things and infrastructure: smart things, robotic things, etc smart cities, smart agriculture, etcData analytics for IoT: various applications, from health to others 
Mohamed will try to coordinate a Samsung grant proposal. 

Original agenda: :
1. Your proposal for Guest speakers? (update: Dr. Joseph Liu from Monash will talk about blockchain in July)
2. Forming research subgroups on topics you want to learn/develop - what do we want to be good at in IoT in the next 1-3 years? This could also relate to the DVCRs call for ideas (see attached word doc from DVCR as sent by Yong, I have also hosted it on )
3. Workshops/Hackathon hosted at Deakin with industry persons? E.g., “IoT for Health”, “IoT for Food” etc… which topic?

Telstra IoT challenge winners?

Arkady presented at the last meeting - 18 May 2018

Here comes Arkady's presentation at Deakin last Friday:

Title: Challenges and opportunities of IoT silos interoperability Abstract: After initial hype with deploying IoT platforms in various applications and building IoT silos, the IoT research community realised the need for IoT interoperability frameworks and building IoT ecosystems as the next step in IoT evolution. This talk will focus on the challenges and opportunities of IoT interoperability with highlights into OpenIoT platform which pioneered horizontal integration of IoT silos and EU Horizon-2020 project bIoTope – building IoT open innovation ecosystem for connected smart objects. The bIoTope ecosystem is based on everything-as-a-service (XaaS) driven by run-time context, reasoning about situations, semantics, continuous analytics. The primary application domain of biotope is Smart Cities. Bio: Professor Zaslavsky is a Senior Principal Research Scientist with D…

Meeting on 4 May 2018 - brief agenda and minutes

Several agreed to champion projects in certain domains like health, security, etc...
Funding for equipment still to actually arrive. 

0. Round-table – any ideas to share?
1. Please think of any upcoming invited speakers? Sofar: Dr. Joseph Liu (from Monash, on blockchain, likely in June/July) Prof. Arkady Zaslavsky (Data61, unsure when yet) Others(?)…
2. Please think about some ideas for the upcoming funding opportunities: Samsung Global outreach program: list of areas here:
Defence: Innovation proposal
Do you have any other ideas for funding?

3. Equipment – we aim to be setting up an IoT testbed ,partly, LoraWAN testbed…