From our last meeting on 23 March 2018

We discussed cluster goals briefly - a link to IoT cluster goals for 2018:

A few agenda items discussed at the meeting

   1. goals of the group for 2018: what do we want to achieve as a group?
   the cluster report for 2017 is here
   and some 2018 objectives are noted there (think of them as in draft form), but happy to hear your views (and we can rewrite that ☺)

   2. if you had $100K tp spend to build an IoT testbed, what would you buy?
   We have an ARC LIEF grant awarded and money should come in a few months, Deakin’s share is $100K –
   the objective of the grant is to build a multi-site distributed IoT testbed:
   Title: “A Large-Scale Distributed Experimental Facility for the Internet of Things”
   “This project aims at establishing a large-scale, real-world experimental facility for the Internet of Things (IoT),
   which is currently missing in Australia, as well as in the rest of the world. The facility is expected to be an essential
   instrument to achieve Australia’s leadership on key enabling technologies of IoT, and to provide Australian
   research community with a unique platform for large-scale experimentation and evaluation of IoT technologies
   and services. It also serves as a perfect vehicle for the education and training of Australia’s next generation of
   scholars and engineers. This unique facility will be open to the rest of the world, which is expected to contribute
   significantly to Australia’s scientific visibility.”

   The Deakin site originally is suppose to be:
   “Part of this project is to create a virtual counterpart of the physical sites of the campuses which we call Virtual Deakin, in such a
   way that both the real-world and virtual-world campuses can be linked. The idea of the cross-reality Virtual Deakin is
   to provide sensing (cameras and environment sensors) capabilities within the real campuses to capture happenings,
   events and physical presence which are then reflected in real-time updates to the virtual campus. People in the virtual
   campus and the real campuses can interact and cohabit such spaces, thereby bridging the real and virtual campuses.
   Via this project, a collection of IoT sensors and a small collection of prototype robots will be deployed long term on
   the campus sites, serviced via a hierarchical architecture of cloudlets and Cloud servers (linked to the infrastructure
   Cloud that this LIEF grant will enable). Long range wireless networking technologies, i.e., LoRA, as well as normal
   WiFi will be investigated for our purposes. The IoT4VirtualDeakin infrastructure will be developed further as part of
   the distributed, large-scale experimental IoT facility proposed in this project, focusing on issues of scalability over
   long distances, optimal distributed data processing, and robust long term deployment of IoT environments.”

   So the original plan is to get LoRA as well as robot-mounted sensors etc to capture Burwood campus etc… and feed the data into a virtual environment.
   However, there is a lot of freedom to change things and create an IoT testbed our group can use for our research (e..g., to support projects from security to fog/edge computing and interoperability etc,
   with IoT devices etc), and then link that to the other sites… so, would like your help and inputs to what to buy etc  so we build an IoT testbed useful to the group
   – the 100K can only be used mainly for equipment (rather than manpower)

   3. Invited speakers – we are asked to have at least 5 seminars from this cluster, and at least 3 must be external speakers – we can discuss who to invite or let me know if you have someone in mind

   4. smart cities program: ; brainstorming on ideas


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