From our last meeting on 2 March 2018

Thanks for the meeting last Friday - for David talking to us on graph signal processing for IoT etc
(a paper from David on graph signal processing for the IoT)

and unfortunately it clashed with Niroshinie’s talk – apologies for the room confusions.

This is the link to the smart cities funding opportunity we touched on near the end of the meeting:
We discussed some ideas but we can talk further about it in future meetings.

Another grant opportunity coming up is VicHealth – two schemes: ARC Linkage partnership and Vic Innovation Grant
Again some thing to start thinking about, and we can talk further about it in future meetings.

Defence has these but not quite IoT ones yet perhaps:

What have been emerging are interests (and strengths) in:

- IoT verticals (application areas): IoT in agriculture, IoT in health, IoT in smart cities (transport/energy/water…), etc....  so we can try to develop these further
- IoT horizontals:   IoT Data Analytics;    SE for IoT / IoT platforms & interoperability;    cooperative IoT;    IoT security, privacy, trust (and blockchain) and ethics
(they inter-link)

Later, we also have cyber security CRC links and potentially CRC in Farming (and some of us have put projects for SWU).

Hopefully, we can aim for more funded projects in this year.

The next meeting is in two or three week’s time – likely a Thursday or Friday and to be a regular time – will send next email around.

A topic of discussion at the next meeting - what do you want to achieve (as an IoT group)?


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